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5 Reasons to Get Tattooed When It’s F*cking Cold Outside

Winter Tattoo

Sure sipping a hot toddy and avoiding deceivingly deep pools of melted snow on the street corners sounds like the perfect thing to do on a cold Winter’s day, but that’s just because you haven’t thought to get tattooed…yet.

We share five reasons why getting tattooed during these hibernation months makes sense.

1. Heal, Heal, Heal That Ink Like It’s Your Job (three in one)  

Cover Up: Sun, sweat, dry skin… all these things can aggravate your fresh ink and distort colors, fade ink, create scabs that take weeks to heal and potentially pull pigment from your art. Winter’s bundling layers keep those irritants off your skin, improving your ability to heal like a pro.

No Swimming: winter keeps you out of pools, lakes, rivers, oceans, bathing suits, etc. Chemicals and bacteria found in bodies of water can be extremely damaging to fresh ink. 

No One is “Setting” Your Tattoos: This really is the best part of getting tattooed in winter and keeping it under wraps…. none of your  friends will see that you have fresh ink and “set” your tattoo for you by slapping the hell out of it. Though a time-honored tradition for some, your extra padding will serve as strong protection.

2. Pay Your Artist with that Government Money

Come January 1st guess what you’re eligible for… yeah buddy, TAX RETURNS. Unless your old Donny T, you’re paying taxes and, fingers crossed, getting SOME of that money back before the April deadline. You work hard for your tax return and now your tattoo artist can work hard for you.

3. Get Tattooed On Your Schedule

Many tattooists calendars start to open up with the decline in temps and their schedules are a lot more accommodating. If your favorite artist usually has weeks months of wait list, your best time to get in to see them just might be when everyone else is hibernating.

4. Cozy Up… to Your New Tattoo

You’re already bundling up and staying in, out of the cold. So, stay “in” at the tattoo shop. None of our artists care what you wear to your appointment as long as they can access your skin easily. The shop has heat, does your apartment? Bundle up and get cozy on our tattoo table. You can even bring your device to Netflix and chill during your appointment.

5. Show Off Your New Beach Bod in Spring

We know, it’s exciting to show off your new ink right away; you’re excited, we’re excited too. By getting tattooed in Winter, you’ve got the element of surprise on your side. So even if you spent all Fall/Winter squatting (kegs) and crunching (chips) you’ll be proud to show off your new beach bod in Spring, covered in rad art from an awesome tattooist.

No matter what the season, call us at the shop or stop on by. We’re always happy to consult you on your first or next great tattoo.