Toys for Tats - 17 December 2017

Hey y'all! It's that time of year again - TOYS FOR TATS - 17 December 2017

a toy drive donating toys to Kianga Women's Shelter in Crown Heights.

Bring a NEW toy worth $40+ and a receipt, and choose a design from a bunch of awesome flash sheets that we will have available. 

PLUS!! We've linked up with Butter & Scotch, they will be giving out vouchers for either a fancy cocktail or sweet baked goods!

Happy Holiday's y'all!


Laser Removal - Clean Canvas More Art

Hi ya'll!

We've all got those tattoos we wish we hadn't, luckily there are options to forget them for good!

Laser tattoo removal is precise enough to remove a portion of your tattoo without compromising the rest of your tattoo. For example they can laser a name from within a banner, or get rid of the whole banner to start fresh. 

The process is harmless and only targets the pigment under the skin, leaving the surrounding skin safe. It works by sending an intense light under the skin to break up pigment to promote fading. The immune system will absorb the ink over time! Alakazam, you're looking fresh!


Clean Canvas More Art Laser Removal

Pop over to their website or give them a call to set up a free consultation with their trained professionals! Established in 2007, a decade of clearing out the old for the new!


Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 1.31.29 PM.png

Benefit for Boxcar

Craig “Boxcar” Chazen was recently struck by an automobile while riding a motorcycle.  Because of a fractured knee he has missed out on several weeks of work and is just now slowly getting back on his feet.  In order to help our dear friend we are holding an auction for his benefit.  Follow @electricanviltattoo to see the paintings and bid on them.  The auction starts August 5th.

Thanks for partying so hard.

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the shops first year!  The last year has been amazing thanks to all your support.  Big thank you Roy Williams and the Human Hands for the tunes as well as Sailor Jerry Rum and PBR for providing refreshments to fuel the merriment.  


Flash Wall


Over the last few months we have been hard at work filling up our flash wall with original hand painted designs.  We recently completed filling the wall with our own designs, but by no means are we finished.  Historically, tattoo flash was used as a way of showcasing an artist’s abilities as well as giving clients a selection of designs to choose from.  While we love doing custom work for our clients, picking something off the wall is just as valid when deciding what tattoo you would like.  Stop by the shop, check it out.

Photo by Nicky Famous @nickyfamous